YAK-server is an open-source project and we welcome suggestions, questions, and code.

Report bugs, issues, and feature requests to the Github issue tracker.

Run Tests

To run the tests, run python test.

Submitting Changes

  • Open a pull request from your Github repo to /yeti/yak-server/master
    • Provide an overview of your changes
    • Specify any issues (by number) that your PR addresses
  • PRs won’t be merged if they break tests
  • Feel free to ask for help or guidance!

Contributing to the documentation

The documentation for yak-server is in plain text files and can be viewed using any text file viewer.

It uses ReST (reStructuredText) [1], and the Sphinx documentation system [2]. This allows it to be built into other forms for easier viewing and browsing.

To create an HTML version of the docs:

  • Install Sphinx (using pip install Sphinx or some other method)
  • In this docs/ directory, type make html (or make.bat html on Windows) at a shell prompt.

The documentation in _build/html/index.html can then be viewed in a web browser.

[1] [2]